Best Tires for Mustangs  

If you own a Ford Mustang, you likely have a passion for muscle cars. As such, you probably know that one of the best ways to get the most out of your Mustang is to make sure that you have the right tires.

Mustangs are fast, powerful vehicles that require the right tires in order to properly handle everything from straightaways to sharp turns. Here is a brief rundown of some of the various tires available for your Ford Mustang and the conditions in which they may be the best option for you.


Just like the name would suggest, all-season tires are suitable for most types of weather conditions out there. Hot, cold, pouring rain, or a light snow, these tires can handle any condition of the road. These tires are known to last a long time and to be affordable, which makes them a great option for use on your Mustang if it is the main car that you drive on a day to day basis.


If you are mostly taking your Mustang out on the road during the summer when it is warm out and the pavement is hot, then you might want to look into summer/high-performance tires. These tires have traction that is boosted by heat, which makes them perfect in dry, warm conditions. However, when it is cold out, or wet, the traction of these tires is not great thanks to the tread pattern. These tires also have a tendency to wear down quicker than other tires.


While it may go without saying, if you are planning on driving your Mustang during the winter months, you will want to have tires that are designed to withstand cold weather. Winter tires are built specifically to handle lower temperatures and have a tread pattern that can help get traction on snow and ice. These tires should be swapped out during the summer months.

This post was written by Justin K, owner of Wheel Identity. Wheel Identity is Tampa Bay’s premier custom shop. We carry custom wheels in Tampa for every vehicle, custom suspension kits, and all accessories for the interior or exterior of your vehicle. We only hire highly trained technicians using state of the art equipment with experience in all areas of tire, wheel, suspension, and 4×4 needs.

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