How a vehicle image library helps dealerships elevate inventory

Car dealerships need to be strategic with the kind of images they use because not all of them can help them achieve the desired marketing purpose. You need the right set of images to trigger the interest of potential buyers, whether you are into the sales of used or new car models. Professional car photographers are tasked with portraying a new model design to buyers, so they can see the vehicle from a unique perspective. The way marketing and advertising are done today is different from the way they were handled many years back. The internet has revolutionized how these things are done. It is almost impossible for someone to buy a car today without looking up that car on the internet. If a dealership website comes up as any of the search results, the potential buyer will like to visit the site to know if that car dealer has what they seek.

Therefore, the big question is – what will buyers find when they stumble onto your website? Will they be greeted with a professional-looking site? Or will they see something else? The first-impression rule is still very applicable, even though it is online. When potential buyers bump into an old-fashioned website, the chances are that they will not be motivated to continue their search. That is why car dealerships now work with a gallery of car pictures that can serve as an online showroom for visitors and customers. With the photo gallery, potential buyers can instantly tell what the dealer has in stock. That is why a dealership photo company such as Auto Image Services exist to help to showcase all their cars professionally.

This is where the image quality should be factored in. Car buyers do not find it funny when they have to view unclear pictures of the car they are interested in. They would prefer to view the car in high-quality photos. Such quality pictures will enable the buyer to probe every detail of the said vehicle.

Should a car dealer post too many pictures of a particular vehicle? That will depend on the type of pictures. If all the images showcase different car details, then there is no problem. Dealers should, however, avoid posting many copies of the same picture on the site because that is likely to put interested buyers off. One picture is enough to show somebody a particular part of a vehicle.

A single picture can tell the buyer a lot about the story of the vehicle. With good photos, new vehicles and used ones can be accurately reflected before buyers. In addition, good photos also help to ensure that buyers spend more time on the website and even look at other older vehicles that the website has to offer. Photo slideshows are great for displaying the external and internal parts of a used car. Dealers can highlight features about the vehicle that buyers will want to know about.

Car dealers have also discovered how to leverage crystal-clear images to increase their chances of making sales on social media platforms as well. Car dealerships now use automotive photographers to excite potential buyers on social media. It’s possible to use photos to narrate what buyers are to expect from a new model that will be available in a showroom soon. The same thing is applicable when you want to market a used car. If the photos are exceptionally good, there is every chance that followers on social media will like to visit the car dealership site to see more for themselves.