How To Eliminate Bad Car Smells

There’s nothing worse than a car that stinks. You’re trapped in a rolling box breathing in that horrific aroma and you have no other recourse but to open your windows for some fresh air. But that’s not actually eliminating the stench, it’s only allowing for air flow to get through and provide some brief, temporary olfactory relief.

When you get out of the vehicle and roll up your windows, you’re only going to be bowled over by the odor all over again when you re-enter the automobile. The problem is simple, you haven’t gotten to the source of the stink and as long as the reason for the smell remains, the smell will persist.

Fortunately there are many different ways to remove car odors, some are best applied to eradicate certain types of smells while other methods are just a great way to get rid of bad smells and prevent them from returning. So, let’s take a look at some of the most effective options to make your car smelling fresh as a daisy.

Clean the Carpets

This is the most common culprit for car odors. The carpets can absorb and retain all kinds of smells and you want to turn your attention here first. Your vacuum can be a very powerful ally in helping to remove bad car smells. Just grab your cleaner’s upholstery attachment to reach those small nooks and crannies where all kinds of particles and contaminants can hide.

If you vacuum thoroughly and the carpets still don’t smell so great, it may be time to have a professional auto detailing service steam clean them as well.

Cigarette Smoke

You can tell a smoker just by sitting in his or her car. The whole interior reeks of old, stale smoke no matter if all the windows are open while they’re enjoying their cigarette. That’s because smoke wafts everywhere and finds its way into things like your ducts and upholstery. Once it’s in there, it can be very tough to get out. A good removal method is to spray air freshener into your vehicle intake valve to flush the smell out. Cleaning your upholstery from top to bottom is also a must.

Baking Soda

Perhaps the most powerful tool in the odor removal arsenal, baking soda is excellent at removing tough odors. That’s why a lot of folks put a box in the refrigerator. Same thing applies here, baking soda absorbs smells. So, if you spill something foul on your carpeting, sprinkle some baking soda over the affected area and let sit. When the smell has been removed, vacuum the baking soda up and you’re good to go.

Essential Oils

Nature’s air freshener is always ready to help you get rid of those powerful odors. While this method often masks the smell, it can be a pretty effective way to mask those bad aromas. So, apply your favorite scent to some cotton balls or pour some into a container and set it in your car. You’ll notice a much more pleasant aroma in no time.