Currently there are a large number of electric bicycles on the market, all being differentiated by the type of power they present, the help they produce and also the material by which they are made.

However, if you want to buy the best ebike of 2020, it is recommended that you be guided by the list of aspects that will be indicated in the next lines:

E-bike type

Electric bicycles have a classification that is defined by the type of use that will be granted. In this sense, the types of ebike that currently exist are:

For the city: They differ in their autonomy and speed, both aspects tend to be much lower than their competition.

For the mountain: They generally have a much more abrasive assistance allowing the user to overcome the irregularities of the terrain very easily.

For the road: Its main difference is that it not only has a wide speed, but also contains very powerful hydraulic brakes for unexpected descents.

For loading: They are characterized by always presenting a platform where any type of component is supplied. Likewise, it manages to support a useful load of more than 50 Kg easily.

Foldable: It can work for almost any situation previously raised. Only they are more modifiable, since they are compacted through hydraulic mechanisms inside.

Knowing this, it can be defined that in order for you to know which is the best ebike of 2020, you first have to take into consideration what type of use you want to give the bike as such.


The best electric bikes are always made of aluminum, both in the engine compartment frame and in its alternate bearing components, pedals, handlebars and more.

This is because it gives the user greater lightness of movement. Also, it produces a lower force requirement to the motor and manages to support a greater weight in itself.

Pedaling optimization

In this case, ebikes have different modes of assistance. This last feature works with the main motor to produce the necessary thrust energy.

In general, the best electric bikes have between 3 and 5 support methods. Being the first contributing case of a single push, while with the others the power is multiplied by 2 respectively.

Battery Type

Certainly, e-bikes being fully electric work with a main battery, which is responsible for generating autonomy of energy for the vehicle as such. Also, these bikes come in two predetermined shapes. The first is by means of removable batteries, which is an excellent alternative because it allows the user to make their change very easily. However, there are also built-in batteries. The latter contribute to the vehicle being ready to run at all times.

This is why it is a very good option to acquire them, since the e-bike would work as a fully autonomous vehicle. In addition, the case will not suffer from the constant addition and removal of batteries. Likewise, the type of material that the energizer will have must be taken into account, since in this case it is always better to acquire those that contain “lithium ion”.

This is because they are much more powerful and also have a longer-lasting energy, thanks to the retention capacity that both compounds give it.

Type of motor

In this case, the motor is the one that provides the push to the pedals of the vehicle. That is why almost all ebikes on the market differ in this regard. For example, some use “Brushless” type motors, although others prefer the “Custom” for its integrated front or rear-wheel drive.

In this sense, to choose the best ebike of 2020, the power that this component has must be taken into consideration. An average between both models mentioned is 250 W.

The last one gives more than 5 levels of pedaling to the main user, which is why it can work for any type of activity that you want to do with the vehicle, including hiking, low-level sports and more.


This mainly derives from the type of material by which the ebike is constituted and also by all the components that it has inside. That is why you can get 14.5, 20 or 25 Kg bicycles in the market.

However, the most optimal weight would be approximately 20 Kg, since in this way it will have a greater ease of movement, but without compromising the operation of its components themselves.


Although the bicycle does not have a speed limit as such, the motor does. Most of them manage to reach speeds of up to 25 KM / H or 30 Km / h.

However, this aspect derives directly from the use that will be given to the vehicle. Since, if races were carried out with it, then they must opt ​​for assistance of much higher speeds that manage to reach 40 km / h.

Despite this, if the vehicle was used only to transport itself in the city, with a motor that manages to provide assistance of only 20 km / h is sufficient.


Due to the fact that the ebikes have electric motors, they must undergo thorough maintenance. Similarly, long-term parts tend to wear out and need to be replaced.

However, the best ebike of 2020 is one that has a maintenance period of 12 months. In other words, only once a year should he be given in-depth assistance.


In this case, the variability is very high. Since, some ebikes can be obtained for only 1000 euros and others for almost 4000 euros in digital stores.

However, the best ebike of 2020 can be defined because it is between 1000 and 2000 euros only. Since, a higher price would be something really incomprehensible.


As it could be seen, electric bicycles are highly necessary vehicles that anyone must acquire for leasure, transport or even exercise.

However, your choice is something to be taken very seriously. Although, thanks to the existence of a great variety of them on the market, it is difficult to decide which is the best.

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