Volkswagen needs wheel spacers

Volkswagen is famous for its practicality, reliability, versatility, and quality. It has a strong list of comfort features and options and excellent performance makes it one of the always in-demand vehicles. As an owner of fabulous Volkswagen, you need wheel spacers to improve brake clearance, wheel fitment, or the stance of your vehicle.

Volkswagen wheel spacers provide smooth performance to the aggressive offset wheels and help wheels to work without, rubbing in the wheel well. In addition to its wheel spacers are almost essential to your Volkswagen for the following reasons:

  • Clearance:

Wheel spacers provide proper wheel spoke clearance easily when you enlarge and upgrade the brake components. This clearance is essential with big brake kits.

  • Appearance:

Wheel spacers increase handling performance and aesthetic look of your Volkswagen so much effectively by widening the stance of your vehicle.

  • Correction:

Sometimes the offset of the Volkswagen wheel set up is too high. It results in wheels sitting too far inward and tire may rub on the inside Volkswagen wheel well. In some cases, tires rub with suspension components too. Wheel spacer corrects the offset by pushing the wheel out.

By proper spacing of your Volkswagen wheels with wheel spacers, lateral stability of your vehicle enhances and this simple modification makes corner better.

The wheel spacers for Volkswagen of 4WheelSpacers are made of top quality hardened aluminum and then these are anodized for appearance and corrosion resistance. To ensure proper wheel seating each wheel spacer is hub centric. Our 10.9 grade extended lug bolts exceed OE standards. Our quality control department inspects professionally and guarantees every single product.

As with all 4WheelSpacer products, these wheel spacers for Volkswagen come with a satisfaction guarantee for 30 days. has a wide range of wheel spacer kits available for your vehicle.