5 Great Cleaning Hacks for Your Car

When you aren’t able to get a mobile car detailing company to come to you to wash your car, you can take steps all on your own to do the work instead. But who wants to slave over a hot bucket of soapy water and a leaky hose when there are so many other things you would probably rather be doing instead.

Life hacks are some of the best ways to get things done without spending too much time focused on them. Such is the case with detailing your automobile. A clean car is the goal of every responsible motor vehicle operator and so we offer these five great cleaning hacks to assist you in completing that task.

These are quick and painless options for ensuring that your car looks great as regular interior and exterior maintenance can be of service in preserving its lifespan. Let’s look at some of the most useful hacks around to take care of all your toughest cleaning jobs:

Isopropyl Alcohol

For those nasty surface scuffs on the plastic and vinyl of your vehicle’s interior, you can use some simple isopropyl alcohol to wipe them away. Just apply some to a dry cloth and rub away those surface scrapes and marks that have marred your door panels, your dashboard, even the center console or your leather seats.

Baking Soda

This stuff is pretty useful both in and out of the automobile. For the indoors, baking soda, when combined with the essential oil of your choice, can be a tough eliminator of foul odors and aromas that continue to permeate through the vehicle. As far as the outdoor of the car is concerned, baking soda can do wonders for your wheels. Just combine your baking soda with vinegar and you will end up with a paste that is highly effective at lifting all types of stains and germs.


Attention to detail is important when you’re cleaning your car. Grab a toothbrush to get into those tiny areas where crumbs and grease like to hide. Since a toothbrush has a long handle, you can reach those hard to reach places while also scrubbing those much easier spots like your dashboard and the seats. Those bristles are very powerful for lifting caked-on grime and dust.

Olive Oil

It may sound weird but using olive oil on your dashboard is a great way to clean it while giving the surface a nice, consistent shine. Just rub it into your dashboard and wipe off with a dry cloth. Olive oil is pretty cheap compared to actual car cleaning products, so you won’t just be making your car look great, but you’ll be saving money in the process. That’s a win-win situation.

Foam Brush

Use one of these to clear away hard to eliminate dust that gets stuck in those hard to reach areas in the front and back seats. The vents are a popular place for dust to settle and when you turn on the air you don’t want to breathe that in. So, get rid of it with a foam brush and a vacuum cleaner, that way you actually remove the dust instead of brush it somewhere else.