For what you can exactly use a leased car?

Things you should keep in mind!

There are very few things you are restricted from using your leased car. Your leased car is like any other normal vehicle, but it is on a contract and you do not own it outright. Otherwise, you are free to hit the road with your new steed confidently.

To resolve any confusion of the drivers, here are the answers to few questions by ‘’VIP Auto Leasing’’ that you often have about leasing a vehicle. VIP Auto Leasing is a trustworthy and reputed leasing broker company that offers the best leasing in all of New York City.

Q#01: Is it allowed to take a leased car abroad?

Answer: Yes, you can, but just make sure that you have the right paperwork. The car owner needs their V5, and car leaser requires:

  1. A letter of authorization
  2. Vehicle on the hire form

Financing companies quickly issue both the papers for the car owner. You also need the right kind of insurance coverage to go abroad along with your driving license.

Q#02: Is it possible to use a leased car as a trade-in?

Answer: No! You cannot trade in a leased car before the lease is up. Backing out of the contract may also have some penalties.

Q#03: Can a person put a leased car through their business?

Answer: There are no restrictions on this kind of situation. It ultimately depends upon that person. A person can lease a car through their limited company or as a personal lease. The circumstances define the best possible options for an individual.

Q#04: What are the rules about using a leased car as a taxi or Uber?

Answer: Actually, no! You cannot use your leased vehicle as a taxi or your requirement then search for a company that already deals in leasing taxi. Similar is the situation for using your leased car for Uber. Leasing companies never allow you to use leased vehicles to be used for anything like ‘’hire or reward’’.

Q#05: What about using a leased car to secure a personal loan?

Answer: As collateral, a person can use a leased car, but it is not allowed to use a leased car to secure a personal loan.

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