Junk cars recycling

There was a time when old cars were piled up in junkyards, and there were hideous mountains of trash. But now men have learnt how to reuse and recycle almost every single part of an old vehicle. Now the junk cars are taken apart entirely, and their material is used in making of anything from remotes, batteries, and latest cars.

Cars are completely stuffed with re-useable and recyclable materials; it is better to consider recycling this material than letting it rust away in your backyard. JunkCar1HourPickup has Junk Yards In Paterson NJ where we do all the hard work to recycle your clunker for a better and healthy environment. You simply need to fill our contact form or make a call to us, and we will offer you the maximum you can get for your car. Your part is done, and you will get the cash on the spot for your old vehicle, and we will tow it for free.

If you are wondering about the way that how a car is taken and part and recycled? Then here is a guide to inform you about the recycling of junk cars in a natural way. There are four steps involved in the recycling of vehicles, and every single step is essential to get all possible value to give it a new life:


Fluids in a rusty vehicle are severely damaging to the environment because possibly they could leech in the ground. Removal of all vehicle fluids is the process called de-pollution and all the fluids, including gasoline, brake fluid, coolant, oil, etc. are removed here. After the removal of fluids, these can be recycled, reprocessed, or disposed of in a proper environment-friendly way.


The next step for automotive recycling is the dismantling of the old vehicle by removing all reusable parts of it. Parts like axles, a stereo system, seats, and everything from the engine are more than scrap, and these parts can be resold to the buyers who need these parts to repair their vehicle.


After dismantling of the car, its body can be crushed and sold as scrap. Grinding through a shredding machine allows the vehicle to take up less space. This machine breaks down the vehicle body into scrap pieces, and the metals of the car are then sold as scrap metal. These metals include aluminum and steel, and these are reused for the production of new aluminum and steel.


In this final step, the remaining un-recycled parts are separated out. These vehicle remains are commonly known as ‘’auto fluff’’ or shredded automotive residue (ASR). This residue includes plastic, fabrics, and dirt. It is about 15% to 20% of your vehicle’s total makeup. Auto fluff is a hazardous waste because it has cadmium, lead, and other poisonous metals in it. This waste is not recyclable like the rest of the vehicle parts, and it ends up in landfills. As technology growing fast, it is not far to develop new ways to reuse or replace this unsafe material too.

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