Circumstances pushed for the creation of electric fatbike manufacturers. These huge machines inspire respect by their very appearance. The idea of ​​endowing bicycles with large wheels with wide tires proved successful. Powerful tires affect stability, increasing cross-country ability. The popularity of these unusual bicycles is increasing. The article tells how to choose a fat bike.


When riding on rough terrain it is more rational to use a fatbike. Larger tires easily overcome any obstacles. If the bike is used on a perfectly even surface, it provides the owner with the highest comfort of movement.

Initially, the fat bike was addressed to the villagers. They were used by foresters, agricultural workers. It was convenient to go round fields or landings on them. It is no coincidence that fatbike is called a “bicycle jeep” for powerful wheels.

The advantages of the entire model are provided by:

Increased traction. On loose ground, the speed may slightly decrease. But even such a section of the route will be overcome.

Wheels. This is a basic feature. It is provided with wide tires (4.8 inches on average) and wheel diameter (26 inches on average).

Smooth running. Rocky or uneven terrain is not an obstacle! The owner feels confident.


Carrying capacity (up to 130 kg).

Fatbike is a universal bike model. In the most difficult climatic conditions, the trip can not be canceled. At the same time, the owner has the opportunity to adjust the pressure in the tires “according to circumstances”. A pressure of 1.5 atm is sufficient to cross a relief terrain. For calm city walks – 3.5 atm.

First of all, the owner must determine the type of battery. Modern electric bikes are equipped with lithium-ion batteries. Batteries like Li-ion and LiFePO4 have established themselves as the best option with the possibility of fixing in different places.

They are attached to:

·        the trunk

·        frame

·        saddle

It should be taken into account that as the battery capacity increases, the range also increases without the need for recharging. The weight and size of the battery will also increase.


There is a “golden rule” of choice. We must stand next to the bike, measuring the distance from the saddle to the groin. It should be at least 10 cm. Otherwise, the cyclist will quickly get tired due to the inconvenient position of the body.


It is known that the width of the wheel directly determines the stability of any model. This should be taken into account when choosing an electric bike for its operation in difficult conditions.

For example, on grass or sand it is almost impossible to ride classic bicycles. They will not cope with the road, covered with fine gravel. But the greatest difficulty even for experienced cyclists are snowy areas.

In all these cases, only a “bicycle jeep” with powerful, stable wheels is suitable. This is especially important for beginners, as well as extreme sports. Most models have a diameter of 26 inches. But you can look for options where the diameter reaches 28 inches.

When choosing a fat bike, you must also take into account the tread pattern. For racing on the highway or on the professional court, they usually choose “half-slick” or “slick”. Driving on terrain will require special gravel or mud tires.

The advantage of fatbikes is the ability to ride in the winter. Special winter tires can improve patency. It has a relief tread that will not allow the bike to slide even on icy sections of the route.

The choice of electric fatbike is also determined by the cost. Buying a cheap model is a big mistake. A quality branded bike is quite expensive. There are a lot of fakes. Each of them is fraught with potential danger. The design of corporate models is thought out with engineering precision.

You can still save when buying. Sometimes manufacturers before the start of the season sharply reduce the prices of old collections. The market is being updated rapidly. Therefore, in this case, “old collections” means just last year’s models. Of course, they do not lose either the technical properties or the attractiveness of the design.

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