How to Get Top Dollar for Your Clunker

A junk car is an automobile that no longer runs. They are older, often decrepit in appearance, and generally just take up space. They are referred to as junk cars because they cannot be sold as anything but junk. However, that does not mean they have no value. Junk cars are very valuable to individuals who deal in auto parts. For people who restore cars, facilitate their own repairs, and run auto shops junk cars are big money savors. They are the organ donors of the vehicular world. Not a lot of people know what to do with a junk car when they have one, even more are ignorant of the value they can squeeze out of one. If you are interested in selling your junk car for parts here are some lucrative avenues to trek.


The first option for getting rid of junk cars for profit is as scrap metal. Scrap metal may not have the highest payout but at least it is something for nothing. Selling your car for scrap is an easy task with an instant payout. There is a secret that many do not know however, and that is what you can do beforehand. Remember, people who buy junk cars for parts only care about the parts. If you scrap your car for its parts before you turn it in you will get more money. Simply, remove all the working parts from the automobile. Scrap yards only car about recycling the metal. They will take an empty frame as long as its made out of metal. People need all kinds of parts for car restoration, because a restored car usually has original parts. So door handles, windshields, steering wheel, dashboard electronics, engine parts, doors themselves, seats, seat belts, and even the stick can be removed and sold. However, one thing to keep in mind is that this only works if you have a valuable car to begin with


The internet is a great place to sell junk cars. There are whole websites dedicated to connecting buyers to sellers. The net can also be a great place to find nearby establishments. All you have to do is enter money for junk cars Pittsburgh PA, and see what pops up.

Finding Value

Looking up the value of your car is another avenue to take in finding profit from your clunker. Rare makes and models are the ones that turn profit because their original parts are hard to come by. If your car fits that category then you can make bank off of its individual parts. So scrapping it will bring in major profit as will selling it altogether. You can sell a junk car for a lot of money if is a rare find. This takes some homework however, as you have to research your car to see if it is indeed rare. Even if it was not a top of the line model, if it is rare there are bound to be enthusiasts out there hungry for parts.